Episode 408: ER was a Show about an Ice Cream Truck

This episode contains: Best friend of the show Matt was mauled by a dog, so Ben took him to the ER. A WILD STORY. “They don’t give ice cream in the ER?” asks Devon. Shout out to team “Dad Bod” on season 2 of Floor Is Lava. Get new shirts guys.

There are no words: People are getting explosive gastroenteritis at the Grand Canyon. Amazing story full of poop jokes about the Grand Canyon by Beth Mole for Ars Technica. Thanks for the chuckles and the coverage of norovirus, Beth! Turns out if you vomit at the Grand Canyon, you gotta take it out with you. Steven isn’t impressed by erosion, but Ben loved seeing the Grand Canyon.


This week in space: Surprise solar storm with ‘disruptive potential’ slams into Earth. A G1-class solar storm hit earth at 1.57 M miles per hour on 6/25, disrupting satellites and creating strong auroras as south as Oregon. Possibly unrelated: there was a giant sunspot in June, 2.5 times the size of earth. How do EMPs make electronics turn off? We’ll look it up later.


Science Fiction: Need a Lola 3D printed from Kenobi? Renee found it for us on Thingiverse. We suggest a few kid-friendly podcasts instead of our show. For All Mankind episode three was exactly what Ben wanted from the show.
Devon wonders why For All Mankind had a ship spinning while engaging engines. Literally unwatchable. SEND ALL THE POETS TO MARS! YES! In case you missed it: watch the alternate-history news reports between seasons 2 and 3. Steven and Devon speculate who’ll be POTUS in later seasons. We talk about three episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds this week. Steven continues to exploit his greater knowledge of Futurama over Ben. Devon remembers more of early Star Trek: The Next Generation than Ben. Devon kinda likes Stranger Things season 4, after the overhyped season 1. West World season 4 has low ratings, probably because of lack of advertising. Out of context, West World season 4 sounds bonkers, but Ben is in for it. Ms. Marvel is a great show: culturally, stylistically, and cinematographically. Steven talks about what to expect from the upcoming film The Marvels. Maybe next week Devon will talk about The Orville… or maybe not.

On Patreon-only: Ben sings the Skype song mashed up with A-Team theme. Book recommendations for roadtrips, Devon’s noises, blinking and all about Memphis.