Episode 409: The New Old Days

This episode contains: Join Steven and Ben this week but not Devon, who is on vacation. We chat a bit about dad stuff and video games w/ the kids. Steven has gotten back into 3D printing. Ben wants a better way to sort his games on Humble Bundle.

Never Swallow the Dentic: Shapeshifting microrobots can brush and floss teeth. We chat about magnetic fields to direct the motion of a robotic microswarm. Then we detour and talk about our own dental hygiene and health.


Man’s Best Friend: Ice Age wolf DNA reveals dogs trace ancestry to two separate wolf populations. We chat about when and where wolves were domesticated and how we know that. And we reiterate: we do not deserve dogs.


Science Fiction: Steven didn’t do his Star Trek homework, as always, Ben picks up the slack and talks about the season finale to Star Trek Strange New Worlds. This is a spoiler filled chat, so beware. Steven talks about Stranger Things season 4, and rounds out something that he thought worked really well. We also touch on The Boys but not enough, so tune in next week.