Episode 412: The Future We’re Fighting For

This episode contains: Steven and Ben rule supreme this episode. Ben walks us through birthday twins and Steven talks about rolling 2D6, whatever that means. Ben also talks about some games he’s been playing while recovering from some very minor surgery. Oh and we look at some Webb telescope images and compare them to Hubble.


Oh god, oh god why?!: Researchers turn dead spiders into ‘necrobotic’ grippers. Spiders don’t have bones and muscles, but hydraulics and blood, and when that blood is replaced (via scientist) with air, the legs become grippers. It’s a whole thing, and you probably shouldn’t watch the video.


Blue moon, I saw you standing alone: UCLA scientists discover places on the moon where it’s always ‘sweater weather’. People could potentially live and work in lunar pits and caves with steady temperatures in the low 60s. We talk about the possibilities of living on the moon in these temperate pits.


Science Fiction: We talk about Nichelle Nichols and her lifetime achievements. Ben thinks season 3 of Picard looks good. Steven spoils/spills the beans on the Fallout tv show. Ben gives us some details on the second season of Babylon 5. Steven tells us all about Paper Girls. Ben has really enjoyed the second season of The Wilds. Of course we talk about the latest episode of For All Mankind, The Sands of Ares.


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