Episode 413: Finger Clickin’ Good

This episode contains: A 9 year old trash-talked Ben’s Mario Kart skills. Steven went to a climbing gym with his daughter and he’s still alive! The auto-belay is an awesome piece of rock climbing tech. Belaying is just Batman-ing in reverse.

Mechanical advantage: A ‘nano-robot’ built entirely from DNA to explore cell processes. Did Yoda write this article? How cool is DNA? It’s the coolest. 1 piconewton is a trillionth of a Newton: the force of a finger clicking a pen. Steven can’t find a clicky pen to save his life.


Here’s one for all the kids who set the toy aside to play with the box it came in: DIY Tinycade aims to bring Alt Ctrl games to the masses. Make your own game controllers with items you can find in a grocery store. Love Nintendo Labo but don’t want to spend $70 USD? Check out Tinycade. The controller makes the game, dictates how you interact with it.


Science Fiction: Steven thinks Lightyear was weird, but super good and enjoyable. Buzz is a broken man, his friends growing beyond his mistakes. Ben watched Rambo, Alien and Terminator way too young.  Does Ben’s therapist listen to our show? She could take good notes. We talk about Prey, originally titled “Eat Prey Love”, the Predator prequel. Spoiler alert: Prey is about the Predator hunting things. Beautifully shot. We wonder what Devon will complain about regarding Prey. Ben loved The Wilds Season 2, but the cliffhanger was meh. Bummer it’s canceled. Do a graphic novel or an audio drama to end The Wilds, please and thank you. Turns out episode 9 of For All Mankind season 3 was not the finale. Huh. Danny went through so many emotions in 5 seconds when he wasn’t blamed for the Martian drilling accident. Can For All Mankind season 3 end progressive? A gay POTUS should be celebrated. Filming has begun on Furiosa! We’re stoked.