Episode 414: Just Chill

This episode contains: Devon’s back so we have a full house on this ep. Steven is not in the best of moods, Devon is just chillin’ and Ben is not comfortable with where this podcast is going. Devon tells us about his recent trip to Maine and rock climbing. Ben and Devon also compare their track balls.

Does it still whip the llama’s posterior?: Winamp, the best MP3 player of the 1990s, just got a major update. 5.9 RC1 Build 1999 focuses on modernizing Winamp’s foundation for more features.




Yucky Batteries: The bacteria powering a truly green revolution in personal electronics. Team engineers biofilm capable of producing long-term, continuous electricity from your sweat.


Science Fiction: We discuss the new season of Bluey, briefly. Devon then gives us his review of this season of the Orville (mostly positive). Devon was going to watch Prey but decided to just watch the Red Letter Media review instead. Steven is not happy about this. Steven tells us about Paper Girls and we discuss the conclusion of season 3 of For All Mankind.


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