Episode 421: Avocado Elbow

This episode contains: Ben and special guest (his wife) Nicole are your hosts this episode! Where are Devon and Steven? Who cares! What is an Avocado Elbow? The answer may surprise you.

Peckers and Protection: Woodpecker heads don’t absorb shocks — but some crustaceans do. Wood-peckers don’t get concussions mostly because their brains are smaller and oriented different. The snapping shrimp has a sort of hooded helmet protecting the head.


She’s Just Doing a Die Hard: Deepfake Bruce Willis may be the next Hollywood star, and he’s OK with that. We talk about Bruce Willis and the other deepfakes that Hollywood has done.


Science Fiction: In a previous episode, Devon talked about his enjoyment of the Uncharted movie. This episode, Ben and Nicole (who have both enjoyed the Uncharted video games) have some issues with the movie. B&N also talk about the third season of See, and if you’re not watching it, there is a large swath of this episode that will be nigh unintelligible. Ben is surprised it took 3 seasons to get to cannibals. Lastly, the bonded pair talk about that Deep Space Nine episode of Lower Decks. Ben wanted Sisko to be his dad, and Nicole relates to Tendi, the “nerdy badass”.

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