Episode 424: Lunchtime at the Wedding

This episode contains: Steven and Ben attended a well behaved dinner together. Devon contemplates shock collars for his kids. Oh, and Ben has another job. Neat.

Brain Matters: Lab-grown brain cells learn to play PONG, may be sentient. Both Steven and Devon report on new findings on human and mice neurons integrated into a silicon chip and taught how to play PONG. If some red flags are raised, you’d be right.


Can You Hear Me Now?: Cheaper hearing aids hit stores today, available over the counter for first time. $799 for over the counter hearing aids, down from $2,000-$8,000. Steven shares his sister-in-law’s hearing troubles. We discuss health care a bit.


Science Fiction: Steven champions “A Closed and Common Orbit” the second book of the Wayfarer series by Becky Chambers. Ben reviews “Werewolf by Night” the new MCU Special Presentation. Devon (with many interruptions by Steven) talks about Andor and what is working for him with the series. After Devon departs early, Ben talks about the latest episode of Star Trek Lower Decks and informs Steven of all the nonsense that he missed.