Episode 425: Hauntingly Futuristic

This episode contains: Around these parts, there’s spooky and then there’s spoopy. Steven says nope. Halloween can stick around year-round if you ask Ben. Ben found a house with severed limbs in the yard, but one was half a real rat. Steven’s kids said no to Halloween decorations. They wanted Harvest Decorations. Stores are carrying skeletons for creatures without bones. Like octopuses.

Whoops? And your welcome?: US embassies may have accidentally improved air quality. 2008 was great! Steven and Ben had great jobs and would NEVER get laid off. 2008 was also when Geometry Wars 2 came out. In 2008, US embassies installed air-quality monitors and tweeted amounts hourly. Can regulators be shunned to improve air-quality by the power of tweeting? Purely informational intervention from US to improve air-quality. Maybe the regulators should crack down on the quality of our podcast.


The D in DNA stands for Dubstep: Ancient viral DNA in human genome guards against infections. Viral DNA in our genomes are antivirals protecting cells against modern viruses. Steven correctly pronounces “endogenous!” Suppressyn has two S’s and a Y, but the Y isn’t where you think! Oh wait it is. Reverse experiments aren’t just saying the word “experiments” backwards, Ben. Hauntingly futuristic: we say thank you to our DNA.


What is Dead may Never Die: Pebble, the OG smartwatch that may never die, updated to work with Pixel 7. Ben misses his Pebble. Recharging an Apple Watch every 2 days is TERRIBLE. The Apple Watch is a remarkable piece of tech, but if you want a WATCH… shrug. Pebble watches just got an update to support Android’s 64-bit OS on Pixel 7. The Pebble Smartwatch: What is dead may never die. We have a story that only applies to those “rockin” the Pebble smartwatch.


Science Fiction: Episodes 863 AND 864 of Star Trek on this week’s podcast. Lower Decks: “The Stars At Night” are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas! Don’t you need people to crew a starship to determine what good to do? How cool would it be if every California-class had a Texas-class escort? Evidently Jean-Luc Picard loves mummies. Shaxs finally got to eject his warp core! The M5 Multitronic Unit from TOS and the Texas-class AI are two peas in a pod. Badgey returned in a post-credit scene. If you wanted to start Star Trek: Prodigy on episode 11… you could but why? Ben recaps the Diviner’s plan in Star Trek: Prodigy from months ago. The rest of Star Trek: Prodigy’s first season has been compared to The Fugitive. Ben says Star Trek: Prodigy’s 11th episode was rad. You should watch it. Tales of the Jedi: Ahsoka episodes are fun, Dooku episodes are incredible. Liam Neeson is back! Who deleted Camino from the archives? Now we know. What happened to Yaddle? Now we know. Will we ever see how EXACTLY Palpatine has returned? House of the Dragon is an amazing show about terrible people. Brothers named Arik and Erik? Man, screw this show. The first season of House of the Dragon was just setting up the upcoming game. Fallout’s 25th anniversary is this year! Steven played it in High School! Steven reminisces about buying Fallout in EB Games in the mall back in the 90s.