Episode 426: Nobody’s Listening

This episode contains: Steven and Ben continue to cast without the delightful presence of one Devon Craft. We discuss out upcoming Traveller game (an amazing science fiction role playing game). Steven then tells why “today was not a good day for Steven.” Because of this, Steven is not prepared and so this is a much looser episode. So we talk about FTL, which Steven has not played since 2015, the Battlestar Galactica board game, and the recent history of indie video games. Steven brings up RimWorld, Tin Can, The Last Starship, and Cyberpunk 2077. Ben tells us about Plunder Panic, a patriate video game.

Science Fiction: Ben tells about the 856th episode of Star Trek or the 11th episode of Star Trek Prodigy. The Borg return in this “super good episode.” Star Trek Prodigy also has a video game, which Ben has of course played. Ben also knows what the fourth Star Trek film might have been. Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth were going to team up somehow. We also discuss Ghostbusters, including the 2016 film and the animated show, because why not? Ben informs us of MythBusters Junior. It’s been a few weeks but we finally catch up on Andor. We discuss why Andor is such a good show… and more!