Episode 427: Condemned

This episode contains: Three old men chat about their relative closeness in age. Ben and Steven played the fantastic science fiction RPG Traveller! Devon attended a BBQ and had some real talk with his kid about chicken.

Go, Ninja, Go!: Rats bop to the beat. Scientists have found that rats nod along to music, just like humans do. We talk about these implications. Also, Steven took the long way around for a TMNT joke.


Busted: Innocent man freed from prison after 35 years, thanks to an old episode of Mythbusters. A man was jailed for admitting to lighting a molotov cocktail with a cigarette, which we know (from science and Mythbusters) to be impossible! He has since been freed.


Rock You Like A Hurricane: NASA says its SLS rocket is good to go for a launch attempt next Wednesday. High wind gusts were within tolerance, and the rocket will be launched (spoilers, it was launched successfully!).


Science Fiction: Ben tells us all about Avenue 5, the basic plot and the latest season. We’re intrigued. Steven mentions the cancellation of WestWorld with only one season to go. We all talk a whole lot about the 9th episode of Andor, “One Way Out!”. What an amazing show. Ben tells us about the Studio Ghibli short Grogu and Dust Bunnies. Finally, Ben talks us through the latest episode of Star Trek Prodigy, which has some very interesting links to The Original Series.


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