Episode 428: Too Much Benergy

This episode contains: Ben will not be cooking turkey this Thanksgiving, instead it’s poached salmon! Ben battled Devon’s ghost on Geometry Wars 2, doubling Devon’s high score (he got 12,676,335 if anyone is asking). Devon lost his leg in the Geometry Wars.  “Remember the Slaughter” is a pretty good band name.  Is somebody writing down our cool band names? “Annus Horribilis” is another great band name. It means “unfortunate year.” Steven recommends the band “The Sword.” They rock. Listen to them. This COULD BE a music recommendation podcast, but Steven rejects that idea. Devon introduces us to Swamp Pop instead of talking Science & Science Fiction.

Sleep, Data. Sleep: Artificial neural networks learn better when they spend time not learning at all.  During sleep, the brain is super busy repeating what we’ve learned in the day. Catastrophic Forgetting happens with neural networks: it’s when new info overwrites old. “Computational Biology” is a rad band name too. Our development in neural network’s sleep patterns can be applied to humans. Avenue 5 handled time delay comms, with AI that predicts conversation. We butcher discussing gender diversity during the Trans Day of Remembrance.


Mmmm, yumm 😋: Oldest evidence of the controlled use of fire to cook food, researchers report. Easily catching fish was a major development in human life. Thank you fish! 780,000 yrs ago humans first cooked fish. Before we thought it was 170,000 yrs. Researchers found fish teeth at a dig, saw they were heated = Cooking! Fishing is a safe way to hunt. Except if we’re watching Jaws. Fishing also allowed our brains to get better.


This Week in Space: Pristine meteorite found within hours of hitting Earth. Everything was great till the UK Fireball Alliance attacked! 1.3 lbs of asteroid rock was found within 12 hours of landing. Most meteorite finds aren’t very fresh. A meteorite find in Winchcombe is the best you can get without going to space.


Science Fiction: Devon caught up on Avenue 5, and he digs it. The in-show show about Avenue 5 in Avenue 5 is hilariously terrible. There’s comedy gold in mob mentality in Avenue 5. On Star Trek: Prodigy, The Protostar and the Dauntless start their showdown! The Ship was the 100th ep of DS9, and Timeless was 100th of VOY. Connections! The Outrageous Okona’s Billy Campbell was in PCPA in Santa Maria and was The Rocketeer! Is Lower Decks really canon? Yes, Devon. Steven asks what a reptilian Xindi is. It’s… complicated. We talk the upcoming Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds crossover. We don’t talk about Andor too much, but we find time to bash Rise of Skywalker. Do you think K2SO will show up in Andor’s last episode? We talk about a lot of Alan Tudyk. Watch Resident Alien. Devon says it’s good. The new Disney film Strange World comes out this week! Alan Tudyk is in it too! Inside Job = Archer + Rick & Morty. A comedy where conspiracy theories are real. Devon gives Inside Job 4 out of 4 stars! 3 is too little, but it’s not perfect? What’s worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxi cabs!


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