Episode 435: Dehydration Situation

This episode contains: Steven and Devon host this all new episode while Ben rests. Devon tells us about his upcoming cruise and his work ethic leading up to a vacation. Steven talks about California’s torrential rain, including his trip to Disney during a storm. Devon then tells us about his day at The Great Wolf Lodge.

She’s a Brick House: Riddle solved: Why was Roman concrete so durable? An unexpected ancient manufacturing strategy may hold the key to designing concrete that lasts for millennia.


Drink Up: Good hydration linked to healthy aging. Adults who stay well-hydrated appear to be healthier, develop fewer chronic conditions, such as heart and lung disease, and live longer than those who may not get sufficient fluids, according to a new study.


Sci-Fi/Big Question: We discuss whether immortality is possible, what technologies may help us achieve immortality and the social impact immortality would have. We also discuss our own feelings about mortality/immortality. We end up discussing whether a digital copy is the same as the original person, the fact that even if you are “immortal” you’re still going to die eventually, and the heat death of the universe.