Episode 442: Something Putrid This Way Comes

This episode contains: Steven, Ben and Devon are all present and accounted for on this all new episode. Southern CA is getting snow for the first time is like forever. Steven had a mini family reunion while Ben is helping his sister-in-law move out. Devon saw Nate Bargatze live in Shreveport LA.

Bramble Pie Company: https://www.bramblepiecompany.com/

Stop in Name of Love: Traffic Lights Need a Fourth Color, Study Says: Here’s Why. As more autonomous vehicles (AV) begin driving American roads, those roads need to change with them. One research team proposes a white light that allows AVs to leverage their impressive networking capability. These white light would signal human drivers to simply follow the car in front and could decrease traffic delays significantly


Sorry Florida: A Giant Destructive Blob Is Headed For Florida, And It Stinks. Reports are forecasting that a gargantuan blob of sargassum seaweed has accumulated in the Atlantic Ocean and is headed for the US state, bringing with it millions of tons of odorous seaweed.


The Big Question: How would you make a truly multi-playing pinball game? We then meander a little and talk about Jeffrey Combs, the Fallout tv show, Hello Tomorrow on AppleTV and The Last of Us. Only then do we finally end this monstrosity.


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