Episode 443: The Fandom Menance

This episode contains: Ben and Devon’s relationship is on the rocks, according to Steven. Things have finally settled down this week for Steven’s family, since the holidays. Steven’s now officially an old man, says him. Would you throw a rave at a 5 year old’s birthday party? With whistles as party favors? Ben’s super stoked about Owen Davies releasing Farscape Remastered in 4K. Shout out to the Farscape subreddit!  If you like space muppets who fart helium and pee fire, watch Farscape. Steven had a bunch of fun ‘stream tweeting’ Star Trek: Picard s3e03.  Everyone is disappointed that Steven hasn’t seen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Steven’s gotta clear his schedule for 89 hours of DS9. Ben wishes he could rewatch DS9 for the first time. This could be the I WISH I WAS WATCHING STAR TREK podcast.

Paint by numbers: Scholars unify color systems using prime numbers. RGB and CMYK? Get outta here. It’s time for the C235 color system. In CMYK, K stands for Key Black. Now you know! How could C235 colorize DNA codons? This article does not go into that. CMYK is subtractive color theory, where everything adds to black.  RGB is additive color theory, where all colors add up to bright white. C235 is a color system based on prime numbers, and doesn’t make sense unless you see the image at https:/ [www.eurekalert.org/multimedia/976375](http://www.eurekalert.org/multimedia/976375) Steven eats some focaccia bread baked by his daughter. Good job, young one! Go colors!


Whoa: Newly discovered chemicals are so deadly to fungi they are named after Keanu Reeves. “Keanumycins:” new fungus-killing compounds are so effective they were named after actor Keanu Reeves. During Keanu’s AMA, someone asked him what he thought about Keanumycins. He said “Thanks, scientist people.” Keanu Reeve’s first pet was a guinea pig named Carrot. He was a cutie-pie. Keanumycins kills bad fungus, is biodegradable, and is safe for humans.


The Big Question: How important is it to ‘belong’ to a fandom, and what does it mean to give it up? Is the entire concept of ‘fandom’ manufactured? Fandom has been important as a shortcut to find people who have like interests. As good as fandom can be to connect people, beware of the toxicity. The importance of fandom is based on what the fans get out of it. We talk about growing up and finding other Star Wars and Star Trek fans. Did corporations ruin fandom? They didn’t used to use fandom to sell stuff, right? A fandom became a found family, people you could share jokes with about the subject. Will the next Metallica album be good? The singles have been alright. We have a lot of hot takes on the Big Question about fandom this week. Devon changed his mind about the quality of the last two seasons of Enterprise. Ben is a positive person who tends to like everything. How does he feel about Harry Potter? JK Rowling’s views on trans rights and human rights are abhorrent.  How does Ben feel about Harry Potter being read in his son’s class, given Rowling’s views? Canceling Harry Potter would be similar to banning books. The cultural value is in the conversation. Godzilla (1954) is EXCELLENT, Ben talks about watching it and it’s cultural significance. 1956’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters is terrible; they Americanized and removed all mention of H-Bombs and Nagasaki. Godzilla (1954) is like watching an H-Bomb walk around Tokyo causing the same destruction in slow motion. Is there a direct correlation between subreddits and fandom? So… spoiler alert? Godzilla died at the end of Godzilla (1954). How strange it spawned the franchise! We talk about Tom Cruise’s personal beliefs and whether we can differentiate between the actor and the art. Where do you draw the line about creator’s beliefs, and when you choose not to support it? Roblox is a digital narcotic for children… but it’s fine? I guess? The cheapest way that eggs are made, the ways those chickens are treated is terrible. Shout out to carrots! You’re a cool veggie.


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