Episode 446: Creating Harmony and Warp Drives

This episode contains: We’re three podcasters who are probably not playing jump rope right now. Steven talks about the Nightmare on Elm Street films. They are… not good. Remember the Sam Goody in the mall in Santa Maria? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Ben had some poetry drama; Conflict with another poet. What?!?!? How?!?! Is Ben party to the silencing of women throughout history? He doesn’t intend to! Should we rewrite our tagline? It’s a show about science and… big questions? The bridge on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is SO WELL LIT. Steven finished A Prayer for the Crown Shy by Becky Chambers. So good.

It’s the End of Days, JTRO: The Internet Archive has lost its first fight to scan and lend e-books like a library. Ben can’t remember the name of the film “The FP.” Publishers have sued The Internet Archive for being a digital library. Save the library! The Internet Archive allows borrowing a book for an hour. It led to Ben purchasing those books. Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, music, websites, and more. How can you help http://archive.org/ ? http://blog.archive.org/2020/06/14/how-can-you-help-the-internet-archive/ The Live Music Archive is incredible: https://archive.org/details/etree  Let your local library know what books you want! That’s how they know how to spend funds. The best part about Hyperstudio is me!


Little Glass Slippers: Scientists finally figure out why the water bear is nearly indestructible. Steven brings an article from the before times of 2017. We were so young then. Tardigrades can be dried out for decades, then come back to life with water. Amazing! Water bear don’t care! Instead of dying when drying out, tardigrades turn themselves into glass! Our website is terrible. We’re sorry. Join our Patreon! http://patreon.com/sciencefactionpodcast


Big Question: Is the prime directive actually ethical? What is the prime directive? Don’t interfere with the development of a young species. Can we work together as a species to create harmony and warp drives? Aliens haven’t contacted us because we’re monkeys with nuclear weapons. In our talk about the prime directive, we talk a lot about The Orville and The Bobiverse. Remember when Wesley was sentenced to death for stepping on flowers? Devon schools us on Star Trek history and the prime directive.


Patreon-only pre-pod: The Ben Lawless story: Nothing is different, but everything has changed. Will Steven ever learn how to use Notion? Not this week! We make a pact to watch Extrapolations on Apple TV+ for next week’s show. Is it possible to make climate change exciting?  Can the end of everything be kinda jazzed up somehow? #ClimateChange We apologize for interrupting Devon’s writing music with recording a podcast. Hey Steven, cancel your showtime subscription after the trial! We can’t remember what we talked about in our podcasts.