Episode 453: Building Something New

This episode contains: Ben and Steven, the healthy hosts, lead the charge this week. Thoughts and prayers to Devon. We talk a bit about importing hate, and protesting against it. Racism should be called out and shamed, consistently and constantly. Then we talk about The Lion King in all of it’s iterations, for far too long.

The Disappearing Computer: The Disappearing Computer: An Exclusive Preview of Humane’s Screenless Tech by Imran Chaudhri. This Ted Talk had an amazing demonstration of a screenless tech future. We talk about the amazing tech, and what could be possible in the future. What would happen if this thing became popular and we all had bodycams on at all time? Time for a DNR, Do Not Record. We discuss if this tech is ‘building the tower higher’ or ‘building something new’.


Science Fiction: Steven has completed about 95% of Star Wars Jedi Survivor and give a mini very light spoiler review. He’s not at all embarrassed to say he wants to go visit the Pyloon Saloon. Ben watched Crater, the Disney Plus hard sci-fi kid roadtrip movie. He very much enjoyed it. Steven is still working his way through the first season of 12 Monkeys, and admires its consistency. Finally, Ben has been playing the VR game Into The Radius and while he enjoys it, he thinks it’s more Steven’s speed.

We’ve done it again Watson!


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