Episode 489: Brood XIX and Brood XIII

This episode contains: Devon, Ben and Steven are all bright eyed and bushy tailed this fine episode. Steven played Palworld until 4am, and Ben doesn’t recommend playing the Xbox version. Ben had an amazing poetry reading with Rock Star Poets. Devon has had some plumbing issues, but he’s going to solve them (spoiler, he didn’t), plus it’s snow-ish in his part of Texas. Steven and Devon both missed the latest Walkabout Minigolf course, but Ben fills us in on the amazingness of it. We eventually get to the science…


Follow up to Moon’s Haunted: What Went Wrong With Astrobotic’s Moon Lander? And What Happens Next? Instead of landing on the Moon, Peregrine is set to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere later this week. Re-entry won’t pose any safety risk to anyone on the ground. A valve between the spacecraft’s oxidizer tank and a tank of high-pressure helium got stuck in the open position, so there wasn’t enough oxidizer for a safe landing on the Moon.



Supposed Cicadapocalypse: Cicadapocalypse Returns To The US With First Double Brood Emergence In 221 Years. We talk about the emerging cicadas, specifically Brood 13 and Brood 19, which emerge every 17 and 13 years, respectively.  We also talk about sensationalized journalism, and how these cicadas emerging isn’t really that huge of a deal, although only happening every 221 years is cool. Their brood locations don’t really overlap, so there isn’t much to panic about.




Science Fiction: Ben gets a recommendation from Patron Joe: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Universe Collection which leads us into a chat about the Mirror Universe.


We’re getting Nintendo 3DS Emulation on the Quest, which is an amazing sentence. The 3DS famously had two screens, so it is difficult to emulate on one screen. However, in a virtual display, both screens are easily seen.


Steven recently watched a breakdown video of Back to the Future Part 3, and that leads to a little chat about BttF and breakdown videos. Plus, Ben has to bring up the ‘B to the F: The Novelization’ tumblr account that is wild. https://btothef.tumblr.com/ Check out the Heavy Spoilers channel on YouTube:


We also talk more about Beacon 23, since Ben has now watched it and he gives us a little breakdown of what to expect in the show. Devon recommends Bodies, a Netflix mini-series which has some time-travelish components.

That’s all folks! See you next week!