Episode 490: Ethically Sourced Apps

Pre-pod Patreon-only: Is Matt our constant? A blank minute with Flint Lawless, Palworld and AI, your parents aren’t cool anymore

This Episode Contains: Steven and Ben grace your ears this time ’round, having a chill time. Why are we on our best behavior when Devon’s around? He’s not our dad! Ben has to get dad energy sometimes when dealing with crossing guard stuff, especially when it turns into fight club. The Domingues house has been sick, so that’s been really disordered. He’s excited to continue to overdose on the board game Core Space (Thanks Damon!) https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/240271/core-space. Ben’s sketchbooks he’s been creating are now on Amazon!

A Woman Holding a Weasel:

Sketchbook : Da Vinci’s Doodles, a Woman holding a Weasel Funny Notebook for Sketching, Drawing and Doodling: Perfect gift for art lovers with a sense … (Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches | 150 Blank Pages)

Cats versus Sailboat:

Sketchbook: Cats versus Sailboat, Wrong Turn, A Cat-Themed Notebook for Sketching, Drawing and Doodling: Perfect gift for school-age birthday (Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches | 150 Blank Pages)

Come On You Apes, You Wanna Live Forever?! The fountain of youth is… a T cell? It’s Osmosis Jones meets Palworld: Scientists have discovered that T cells can be reprogrammed through genetic modifications to target and eliminate senescent cells, which accumulate in the body with age and contribute to inflammation and age-related diseases. When these modified “CAR T cells” were used to clear senescent cells from mice, the mice showed benefits like lower weight, better metabolism, and protection against conditions like obesity and diabetes. Even a single dose of CAR T cells early in life provided lifelong protection in mice. This suggests reprogrammed T cells could potentially be developed as a “living drug” treatment for aging and age-related disease that only requires one administration.

The fountain of youth is … a T cell?

Reasons To Never Leave The House Again: Disney Unveils the HoloTile Floor, Inching Us Closer to a Real-Life Holodeck. Alongside announcing that Lanny Smoot will be the first Disney employee besides Walt to be inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, Disney also shared one of his newest projects called the HoloTile floor, which just may be a game changer for VR and could bring us ever closer to experiencing the Holodeck from Star Trek. This floor is made up of a bunch of tiles that all work to keep people in the center of them. The HoloTile floor can do more than just let people walk on it, as it can also move objects around. In a video, we see an object being moved around the floor and an arm extending at the corner of the screen, as if they were using the Force to move an object.

Disney Unveils the HoloTile Floor, Inching Us Closer to a Real-Life Holodeck – IGN

Can we just stop for a bit and talk about how amazing it is that we’re putting man-made structures on the moon for the first time since 1972? Japan’s lunar lander landed.

Mid-pod Patreon-only: Marcel the Shell With Shoes On follow-up, Droids in training at Galaxy’s Edge, Droid Lightsaber Caddies

Science Fiction: Did we need a mashup of Simpsons and AKIRA? No, but it’s pretty awesome! BARTKIRA!


Ben finished A Closed and Common Orbit, and his son knows that TRON is superior to TRON: Legacy but seriously, why do modern CGI films have trouble making amazing cinematography a la TRON: Legacy? How come modern CGI blockbusters are so sterile in their cinematography? We have some thoughts but this video sums it up:


Yo, there was a TRON 2.0 video game in 2003 and it was originally meant to be a canon sequel to the original? You can get it on Steam and on GOG:



Post-pod Patreon-only: Ben finished Star Trek Resurgence