Episode 491: The Trouble With Trivia

This episode contains: We’re coming to you from a rainy Sunday. Devon is BORING, but also has rearranged a room in his home. Ben has Star Trek trivia night, which Steven had to miss to play D&D (BG3 actually). Ben’s team won, of course. Ben then gives us some of his great Star Trek team names. Also, Ben showed up in costume. Steven’s family is healthy. Steven finished a full game of Core Space and paint some minis. Steven also got to watch a movie: Self Reliance on Hulu.


Brain Matters:  The theory that consciousness is a quantum system gains support. Hameroff and Penrose’s Orch Or Theory sees consciousness as the outcome of a quantum collapse of a wave function.


Other reading: Quantum Approaches to Consciousness.


Wikipedia: Quantum mind



Da-Na, Da-Na, Da-Na: First-ever sighting of a live newborn great white. Great whites, the largest predatory sharks in the world with the most fatal attacks on humans, are tough to imagine as newborn babies. That is partially because no one has seen one in the wild, it seems, until now.



Hurt Me Plenty:  “Can it run Doom?” (Gut bacteria edition). Ramlan explains her bacterial grid display model and how it fits into the wider ” Doom runs on everything” tradition. Simulated 1-bit, 32×48 cellular grid runs at a blazing 0.00003 fps.



The Big Question: 

Time travel is possible, but only into the future. How far would you go? Why?

Time travel is possible, but only into the past. How far would you go? Why?

Rules: Travel is one way. You can affect the past/future, but may result in a different timeline. You cannot bring anything with you.

We discuss.