Episode 506: Skanking into your DMs

This episode contains: We three hosts are back at it again, and while it’s been the normal posting schedule recently, for us “It’s Been A While” (like two weeks) and Aaron Lewis of Staind gets a lot of shout outs. Steven won a game of Shatterpoint! And guess what? You too can kitbash like the pros and like Steven, if you’ve got access to a Dollar Store. Ben took his mom to the Wonderfront Music Festival for Mother’s Day and whoo boy was it amazing. Big highlights were Beck (as the headliner), The Roots (wow, WHAT A PERFORMANCE) and Steel Pulse. Speaking of The Roots, hat tip to Ben’s mom for recommending Questlove’s book “Music Is History”. Devon got a new iPhone, and in true Texas style he likes ’em big and thicc (it’s a Pro Max model).


Don’t vomit in the car, man! Apple announces new accessibility features, including Eye Tracking. Yes, Ben is an Apple fanboy, but hardware updates are boring. Like, how exciting is the fact that this slab of glass is thinner than ever before? However, software updates are king! Every June, Ben looks forward to WWDC (where they announce the features in new Apple operating systems), and in September when they come out it’s like Ben gets to enjoy a birthday with a dear friend. Occasionally, Apple announces features outside of the typical June and September cycle, and recently they announced some pretty wild things coming to iOS 18, in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The coolest of these, to Ben, is Vehicle Motion Cues. It will be able to help reduce motion sickness for passengers in moving vehicles. Research shows that motion sickness is commonly caused by a sensory conflict between what a person sees and what they feel, which can prevent some users from comfortably using devices or reading a book while riding in a moving vehicle. With Vehicle Motion Cues, animated dots on the edges of the screen represent changes in vehicle motion to help reduce sensory conflict without interfering with the main content. Using sensors built into iPhone and iPad, Vehicle Motion Cues recognizes when a user is in a moving vehicle and responds accordingly.

Apple announces new accessibility features, including Eye Tracking (Apple Newsroom)

Movie review: Kingdom of the PotA. Steven’s a real Ape movie fan, whether new or old… except for maybe that one with Marky Mark? We’re in the middle of a nine movie Ape-stravaganza. Steven loves how the new films are portraying ape society. Devon wonders if it’s just an analogue for our modern human societies… like, is there an Ape Trump? Anyhow, in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Steven gives it a 3 out of 4 stars, noting the special effects are amazing.

Show update: Resident Alien. Devon is still really enjoying Resident Alien starring Alan Tudyk. Catch it on Netflix or Peacock.

Book club: The Jaunt by Stephen King. A truly chilling sci-fi story from the master of horror. We loved it. Steven connects some dots with this story and the Deadlights across many of Stephen King’s stories.

The Jaunt (Goodreads)
Deadlights (Stephen King Wiki)

Next week in our book club: it’s a short scifi horror webcomic:

Chatbot Kingdom by Scott Base, from his Bad Space Comics anthology series.