Episode 507: Existence is Antithetical to Utopia

This episode contains: We’re all here for this massive episode filled with science and science fiction. Steven made the mistake of getting married around Memorial Day and Devon made the mistake of being born on Memorial Day. Steven thinks about what it would be like if some of his closest friends never existed. Devon has no plans for his birthday. Ben wants to return to the sensory deprivation chamber. Steven is watching Fallout with his wife who is enjoying the show (“She said yes!”). Devon watched the super depressing, but really good movie Iron Claw and cleansed his palate with Seinfeld. Ben recommends everyone watch the insane game show: Game Changer.  


Ben beat Wizorb. It’s $3 on Steam. It’s a brick breaker, which is when you have a paddle on the bottom of the screen and bounce a ball to break bricks. Tack balls are great for Wizorb.


Brain Matters: Devon read Determined: A Science of Life without Free Will by Robert Sapolsky a few months ago and finally talks about it. The point of the book is that no one has free will and how we should change society in light of that fact. Devon explains determinism and why we likely do not have free will. We also learn why quantum mechanics and chaos theory do not provide us with free will. We then discuss the ethical consequences of there being no free will.


Conway’s Game of Life is an example of a determined outcome that is unpredictable.  


For Shame: Spotify bricking Car Thing in December without refund. In 2021 Spotify released “The Car Thing” to put in your car to have streamlined access to Spotify. However, they are now discontinuing support for the devise and will not open it up to the 3rd party firmware. As Redditor Wemie1420 put it: “Doesn’t feel great that there is literally no alternative other than trashing it. Feels like we’re being punished for supporting them. Dissuades me from buying anything Spotify puts out in the future. I feel like there would be some way to approach this without being like, ‘yeah we’re done. Just throw it out it’s a waste of money now.” Ben finds this UNACCEPTABLE!


Witness Me!: Steven watched Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Steven was surprised by the film and gives it a 4/4. Don’t expect a rehash of Mad Max: Fury Road. Although some of the special effects were questionable. Get his mostly non-spoiler review here!

Book Club: Chatbot Kingdom on Bad Space by Scott Base is a story of how humanity uploads to a simulation and the eventual decline and destruction of that simulation. We enjoyed the poetic narrative and chilling images. We discuss capitalism, utopia, the fermi paradox, and simulation theory.